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“Determining the value of a claim or settlement is more art than science,” says Kevin Shannon, a personal injury attorney at the Bryant Law Center in Paducah. “There are no magic formulas and the internet is not a good source of information. In the end analysis, each claim is unique and its value depends on many different factors that can be evaluated by a car accident lawyer experienced in handling personal injury cases.” What Can I Recover After an Accident? After you hire an attorney to pursue your claim you may be eligible for some or all of the following: What can I recover ….

Money for the loss of your vehicle. Money for the diminution in value of your vehicle. Money for medical expenses reasonably incurred. Money for medical expenses reasonably expected to be incurred in the future Money for wage loss Money for wage loss reasonably expected to be incurred in the future (Should you accept a settlement offer? in waipahu, hi).

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Payment for Medical Bills for Car Accident Injuries Past and future medical bills associated with your car accident may be compensated for you. What are 3 traumatic brain injuries? in waipahu, hi. Lost Income Compensation If injuries you sustained have prevented you from working and earning a living, you may be able to be compensated for lost wages. Pain and Suffering for Injury Compensation In addition to medical bills, your attorney may be able to successfully argue that the accident has caused you undue pain and suffering.

After you have filed a claim with them in accordance with your insurance policy, it is best to consult with an attorney - school bus accident today in texas. Without the advice of an attorney, you may find yourself taking a bad offer or being tricked by an insurance adjuster into saying the wrong thing or accepting a lowball offer.

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Once you’ve accepted their offer, you may be unable to take it back and receive appropriate compensation if you need further medical treatment. They may ask you to go on record and record an interview with you while asking leading questions which make it look like the accident was your fault.

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They may also ask you to delay seeking medical treatment so that when you do see a doctor they can argue that they should not have to pay for your medical treatment. They may claim that since you did not see a doctor immediately it must not have been necessary.

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They can tell you what you should say to them and what you should not. They can guide you through the process so that an insurance adjuster cannot reduce the amount you are due for compensation. What If the Other Driver Did Not Have Insurance? An experienced attorney may be able to locate insurance coverage on an at fault driver even if they say they had no coverage.

One of the more important functions of an attorney in the aftermath of an accident will be to investigate potential insurance coverage for an at-fault driver. This may be done by investigating who owns the vehicle, if there is a loan on the car that requires insurance to be maintained, or if the driver resides in a residence where a parent or relative has insurance coverage, A cautionary note for motorcyclists.

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It has to be added as a separate coverage to the policy at additional cost - auto accident property damage. What Do You Do in a Minor Car Crash? A minor car crash may not be so minor as it first appears. Sometimes it may take days for an injury due to the accident to present itself.

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You should still visit a doctor for examination so they can see if you sustained any injuries in the accident. This documentation would be very important if you were to pursue legal action against the fault driver. How Can I Maximize My Car Accident Settlement? After retaining an attorney to assist you with your claim, documentation will be the most important aspect of getting the most out of your claim.

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We have the experience, skill, and dedication needed to fight for your rights and ensure that you get the fair compensation you deserve.” Call the Bryant Law Center and speak to Kevin Shannon or Austin Kennady about your case at (270) 908-0995 .

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Although we all hope that we will never get into a car accident, the unfortunate reality is that accidents happen all the time, and as drivers, we accept this risk. top accident lawyers near me. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen; even the most cautious, experienced drivers may be injured due to the negligent actions of another on the road.

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Do not automatically take the blame or let the other party blame you. Be sure to exchange information with the other driver, including insurance information, name, and contact information. Even if the injury or pain seems small, make a note of all injuries so that you can have it checked out by a doctor.

Pass this along to your attorney, as it will help them in their investigation into determining who was to blame for the accident. Save copies of medical records, reports, and other information related to your accident. Keeping a paper trail will be invaluable to your case. The car accident law firm of Richard Schwartz & Associates is here to take your call 24/7.

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It can also help with any medical bills that incurred before the death, and compensate you for your pain and suffering. How Long Do I Have to File an Injury Claim? According to Mississippi Code section 15-1-49, there is a three-year statute of limitations on all personal injury actions, which means you have 3 years from the date of the accident to file a claim for compensation.

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The answer depends on the circumstances of your accident and the damages you have incurred. When it comes to proof of injury and damages, an attorney’s help can yet again go a long way. They will know which documents you should present to the court, as well as how to calculate the amount of economic and non-economic damages to which you are entitled.

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Healing from an injury is enough to handle without also having to battle an insurance company. When you’ve been seriously injured in a car crash, you need someone on your side to ensure that you get all of the compensation you are entitled to—not just what the insurance company thinks you deserve.

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