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Drunk driving is much less common among commercial truck drivers, according to the study. Trucking companies have a duty to make sure that their truck drivers do not pose a safety hazard. Improperly licensed truckers or drivers with a troubled history can be at the center of terrible crashes. Trucking companies should know their drivers’ work history and may be held accountable if they fail to heed red flags and allow a dangerous driver to remain on the road.

Load shifts can be factors in an 18-wheeler crash if the cargo is unsecured or shifts. For example, tanker trucks have a higher center of gravity, and liquid loads can shift suddenly if the driver is inexperienced or takes a banked curve too fast, causing the truck to roll over.

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If a truck driver is not paying close attention to the movement of vehicles around the truck, an accident may result. Truckers may fail to recognize traffic stopped on the highway ahead in time to prevent a crash. Truck accidents can occur when a driver is not properly trained or experienced enough for a certain position.

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While there are many safety regulations for commercial trucking, accidents still occur with alarming frequency. Crashes involving tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks cause thousands of fatalities and hundreds of thousands of serious injuries each year. Many factors can cause truck wrecks that result in serious bodily injury or death to drivers and passengers of cars.

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To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us today by phone or online for a free consultation. Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents, The most common causes of truck accidents include: Carelessness or mistakes on the part of the vehicle operator is by far the most common cause of truck crashes.

When brakes either don’t work, are faulty, or have not been installed properly, tragedies can occur (semi lawyer). If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is likely that it was caused by one of these issues, even if you are not sure which one. A lawyer can investigate your accident to determine the true cause and identify the liable parties.

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Keep all detailed receipts and notes together, as they may be important for proving how much compensation you deserve. Make sure your employer is aware of what happened, how long the doctor has put you off work, and what steps should be taken next. If your accident was while working on the road, your employer may offer additional benefits.

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While there are many root causes of vehicle mishaps, an accident with another automobile is one of the most common. As a result of their dimension and the reasonably long time it takes to stop a semi truck, it is very easy to see how the vehicle driver of an automobile would certainly experience injuries in a semi crash.

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Truck drivers are 10 times more probable to be the reason for a crash. Nevertheless, some factors for semi-truck crashes are more common than others. The following with are the most common causes of truck accidents: Accidents Caused by Truck Driver: Drive or Human Error Driver error makes up the highest percentage of semi-truck crashes, making it one of the most typical causes of truck crashes.

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This can include collisions caused by a speeding vehicle driver, a motorist that fails to examine their blind spot before changing lanes, and also driver complication. Several of the blunders truck drivers can make consist of anything from negligent driving( e. g., speeding), to sidetracked driving (e. g., texting), to material usage and/or abuse.

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While truck drivers are required to follow hours of service plans that figure out the amount of time they can be behind the wheel for a solitary stretch, numerous drivers still work extended hours and take trips that are long distances. This causes sleep deprivation as well as tiredness, placing them at high danger for mistakes in addition to crashes.

This is not constantly possible because of several aspects, such as bad weather and also traffic snarl ups in some sections of the road. Nonetheless, as a result of the stress that the vehicle drivers are put under to satisfy these target dates in addition to the risk they deal with of losing their jobs, the truck drivers typically drive over the speed limit.

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Over-speeding also has the result of substantially reducing response time. When driving at such high speeds, motorists might be needed to break promptly or all of a sudden veer into an additional area of the roadway, when at high speeds this is not always feasible. Driver Fatigue Driver fatigue is a significant issue among the trucking industry.

Exhaustion is one of the most common sources of driver mistake. About 40% of all vehicle mishaps are attributed to fatigue. Distracted Driver Negligence as well as distraction usually create accidents for truckers just as they create accidents for drivers of passenger vehicles. In the course of driving for many hours over long distances, drivers can become bored on the road and routinely search for something to keep them occupied - evansville semi truck injury lawyer.

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Is the driver eating, drinking, fantasizing or sending out a message? One of the most common causes is utilizing their phones to check out or respond to a message, make phone calls and even see their preferred social media sites. Changing the car radio station while on the road has actually likewise been credited to sidetracking drivers, resulting in accidents. What do you do after a minor car accident? in waipahu, hi.

This causes the motorists to get over to their radios and find a station they can listen to. This occurs even when they are on the freeway driving at a high speed. Even a split second when a driver takes his eyes off the road could be the difference in between safety as well as causing an accident.

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Many truck drivers have actually been condemned for using alcohol and non-medicinal medicines while on the job. Prescription and over the counter drugs are a substantial problem as they commonly hinder the ability of the motorist to navigate such a large automobile appropriately. Some only take these substances at drop in communities throughout the nation while others go further than this, even more and carry alcohol and also medications with them while driving.

It is not just illegal drugs that can lead to mishaps when driving. Some prescription medications that the drivers might be utilizing additionally have the impact of harming their control and also judgement, leading to roadway crashes. Truck drivers are especially held to a greater standard than passenger vehicles as well as the public.

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Security is of crucial importance to truck drivers as well as because of enhanced danger of semi-trucks triggering injury or casualty, they are held to a greater criterion. Drivers under the influence can trigger severe risk to themselves as well as everyone else on the road. Failing To Secure Loads Whatever item the truck is lugging, it is critical that the stated product is meticulously packed and protected so weight is uniformly dispersed throughout the vehicle.